Feminella Vagi C

Feminella Vagi C
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Prevention and treatment of bacterial vaginosis
Feminell Vagi C comes in the form of vaginal tablets in packs of 6 tablets. Can be purchased from any pharmacy without a prescription.
Therapeutic indications
Feminella Vagi C is an Italian pharmaceutical product containing 250 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C) for the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis and recovery laktobatsilnata flora after antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy.
Dosage and treatment course
Twelve vaginal tablet daily at bedtime. Treatment continues for at least 6 days, but this is the period needed to restore normal physiological pH and vaginal flora. If necessary, treatment may continue or be initiated during pregnancy or in cases of unbalanced vaginal pH.
Inflammatory diseases of female genitals occupy an important part of gynecological practice. Anatomy of female genitalia determines the risk of occurrence of different infections. Barrier function of the external genitalia and biochemical barrier function of the vagina are essential to prevent infection. The normal vaginal acidity (pH 4.0-4.5), and normal vaginal flora - of Doderlein lactobacilli in their final metabolic product, lactic acid, controlled breeding uslovnopatogennata both flora and external invaders.
Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that occurs relatively frequently (between 15 and 20% of sexually active women) and is characterized by increased vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal flora and comfort. In order not to lead to complications related to this pathology is a good symptom to be treated.
The main advantage of the product Feminell Vagi C is expressed in the fact that through its active ingredient (ascorbic acid) is acidified vaginal flora, leading to normalization of vaginal pH levels to physiological values ​​(pH 4.0-4.5). Thus, the product creates a natural environment for the growth of lactobacilli, which, by fermentation of glycogen form lactic acid. Thus formed (naturally) lactic acid remains balanced vaginal flora for repeated long periods of time. This can be achieved by products containing lactic acid, which are used for such indications as "external" lactic acid added to them, is rapidly absorbed and metabolized, leading to short and uncertain effects of therapy.
During pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis can cause serious and unpleasant consequences for both mother and fetus. To avoid these possible consequences is recommended that bacterial vaginosis can be treated and profilaktirana.
Feminell Vagi C is a tool that can be used during pregnancy and lactation in the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis, which unfortunately is a common pathology in this period.
 Note: Feminell Vagi C shall not apply to the treatment of vaginitis (they are characterized by pain and inflammation), because ascorbic acid may increase the irritation of the vaginal epithelium.

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