Feminella UroForte Tabs

Feminella UroForte Tabs
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Dietary supplement with standardized extract of Cranberry plus Vitamin C + E
- Quickly relieves symptoms in cystitis - pain, burning, frequent urination
- It prevents the bacteria from attaching to the walls of the bladder and urethra and helps maintain urinary tract health
- Develop a strong antioxidant and helps the immune system
1 tablet / = daily dose / include:
Standardized extract of Cranberry - 120 mg, equivalent to 36 mg Proanthocyanidins
Vitamin C - 60mg
Vitamin E - 10 mg
Additional ingredients in each tablet: starch, cellulose, hypromellose E464 / film agent / silica / split / agent, talc, polydextrose, magnesium salts of edible fatty acids / separating agent / maltodextrin, coconut oil, dyes
Dosage and administration:
Acute uncomplicated cystitis:
Once a day 1 tablet for 10 days.
Chronic cystitis and prevention in uncomplicated urinary tract infections:
Once a day 1 tablet for 1 month.
Take 1 tablet with some liquid during meals.
Maintain good hydration by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid a day.
Feminela Uroforte - coated tablets as a dietary supplement is intended to supplement the daily diet of high valued cranberry extract enriched with vitamins C and E.
Feminela Uroforte is suitable for adults, children, adolescents, pregnant and nursing mothers. For children and adults experiencing difficulties in swallowing tablets is recommended Feminela Uroforte syrup to drink. It is possible to combine with the designated antibiotic treatment. Suitable as a subsequent therapy after an antibiotic to prevent reinfection. There were no adverse effects or onset of bacterial resistance. The product can be taken continuously.
What is inflammation of the urinary tract?
Inflammation of the urinary tract are extremely frequent health problem and create discomfort, especially in women. 25% -35% of women reported one or more inflammatory episodes. the most common cause in nearly 80% -90% of cases the bacterium Escherichia coli. Pathogenic bacteria enter through the urethra and attaching the walls of the urinary tract. Untreated infections often pass into a chronic form and can cause kidney disease.
Further information about the cranberry:
Cranberry comes from North America and its qualities are well known and appreciated even by the Indians. The positive effect of cranberry to maintain urinary tract health is recognized and scientifically proven in daily reach of 36 mg of proanthocyanidins, the component determines the effectiveness of the product. The special method of obtaining concentration of the extract guarantees the required amount of active ingredient, 36 mg RAS in 1 tablet Feminela Uroforte
Maximum pellet ensure fast and reliable effect on the root cause of urinary infections - bacteria Escherichia coli. Proantotsianidinite have the ability to block bacterial attachment to the walls of the urinary tract and thus facilitate the removal of bacteria to the flow of urine and infection was stopped at the first symptoms. According to the French Agency for Food Safety Health concentration proanthocyanidins, which ensures reliable effect on Escherichia coli, must be not less than 36 mg daily.

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